“When thine eye is single the whole body shall be filled with light.”

paxlovid how to get uk The new year is upon us and with it a renewed sense of possibility.  As we close out one year and move into another, we are always afforded the opportunity to take a new path in the coming year.  Oftentimes, our goals are focused on either transforming our bodies by getting into shape or losing weight or we may set intentions for things that we can achieve professionally or getting our affairs in order.  Paying off bills, buying a new house or car may be on the year’s agenda, but very rarely do we consider how we will treat those around us in the coming year.  Rarely do we ask:  How can I serve others?  How can I be kinder?  How can we become so graceful and radiant that by merely being in our presence we give those around us a sense of peace.  How can we develop the Master’s Touch where with just a glance we can heal those around us?

Dalkola paxlovid pill where to buy This may seem like a bold and idealist idea however as we look around the world this may be the very thing that is needed the most.  It’s not a stretch to hear people complaining about the state of the world.  Fear is often prevalent in people’s states of mind and as we engage more and more in tribalism maybe the very thing we need more than ever is community—a world community.  Maybe discovering our commonality and our oneness with all of God’s children around the globe is the mindset that we could all adopt to make for a better world for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and our community at large.

Querecotillo paxlovid hong kong price We oftentimes wonder when the world is going to change.  We plead for the world to change yet very few of us ever take the first step of being that very change.  This is why we started Secret Blue Butterfly.  We created a movement to illustrate to people that one small act of kindness can and will change the world.  By seeing the light in others, we elevate the consciousness of the planet.  When we elevate our consciousness with love, we elevate everyone who enters our field.  And anyone can do it by simply holding the door open for a stranger, by smiling at someone, or by writing a note of hope or inspiration to a friend or neighbor.  The smallest act has the potential to impact the world.

What is the first requirement?  We start with us.  We don’t look to others to be kind first we act in kindness before anyone else does.  We become the example for our children, our grandchildren, our loved ones and our community and we begin to teach that we can all be a little bit more compassionate to one another.  We see the humanity in others and they in turn will see our own humanity.  And the question we must ask ourselves is this:  If we don’t do this who will?  I often ask myself, “If I can’t be kind to others then who can?”

We all share this beautiful world together and we have the capacity to make this world the most beautiful place in the galaxy.  Each of us will play a role in this and if we only do our very small fractional part then we will see peace cascade across cities and then states and then nations and soon the world.  We sprinkle love and kindness in every corner of the globe, and we watch the seeds of our love flourish around the world.

Will there be people who resist?  Of course.  This is okay.  They are searching for us to teach them what love means.  Many people are in pain and they cannot see through the fog of despair that cripples them from experiencing heart-centered consciousness.  It’s their pain that causes them to lash out not because this is who they truly are they simply cannot see a better way—that is until someone gently grabs them by the hand and guides them to the light of love. We are that guide.  We are the ones holding the flashlight of love that will illuminate the path for those seeking their way through the darkness.

When we show them what the vision of kindness looks like they will discover their true humanity which is one of unity and love.  They will begin “seeing” with new eyes.  They will begin seeing with their eye of intuition and love located at the center of the brow.  But first, we must show them how to “see”. 

This is the task we have chosen.  How do I know this?  Because you are reading this. You have not landed here by mistake.  You are here because your soul called you here to remind you that we are the light of the world.  We are God’s Grace waiting to be unleashed on a world seeking kindness and love.  We are the change.

May you remain blessed on your journey.  Sat Nam!