Tādpatri price of paxlovid in malaysia As the world appears in turmoil due to the proliferation and spread of the Corona Virus I am left looking deeply to God and the Divine Purpose behind this perfectly orchestrated Creation.  In all facets of life there is birth, life and then death.  God creates and generates new life, this new life is then experienced and organized in an effort to remind us that we are One With God and then we experience the death and destruction of the lifeform.  Everything in existence is subject to this law.  Even a flower is generated through the seedling, thereby blossoming into life and eventually wilting back into Mother Earth only to be born once again in the spring.

paxlovid cost with medicare venturesomely We have reached an interesting phase of the astrological Vedic zodiac where Rahu has entered the Nakshatra of Ardra (arduous).  Rahu is a shadow planet.  It doesn’t actually exist.  Rahu is an illusion created by stealing the light and energy of the other planets. Unlike the planets named after the gods and goddesses, Rahu is represented as a demon.  It causes massive and unexpected changes, and in so doing forces us to examine our lives to discover what is bringing us closer to God and what is bringing further away from God.

http://cinedergi.com/59128-get-paxlovid-prescription-online-2950/ Everything is thrown out of balance during this “destruction” phase in order for us to evaluate our spiritual development.  This stage is frequently very uncomfortable and brings suffering to a great number of people.  In our current state, this has touched and effected every part of the globe which gives us all the opportunity to activate our compassion and kindness for our fellow man.  The vast majority of us are scared and are looking for a sense of peace to lead us through these times.  Many people are asking why this is happening.  God brings us suffering because suffering oftentimes is the only way we are able to look once again to God to guide us back home.  It is easy to have faith when we are comfortable, however when we are faced with a challenge or things become disrupted, we have a tendency to question our lives and more specifically God.

Carbonia how to get paxlovid prescription nyc God has quite literally forced us inside as we quarantine ourselves away from this virus, we have also called Covid 19.  We are being forced into surrender and are being mandated to slow down.  Where is God?  How do we find God?  Only by going within to discover God residing in our own hearts.  In the metaphorical sense, God has quarantined us inside our homes and have given us the amazing opportunity to look within ourselves and find faith in God once again.

We are being nudged to slow down and come to a place of peace in our own hearts.  Without any outside distractions we are being conscripted into spending time with our families and to give attention to some of the most important things in life that many times get lost because we are too “busy”.   Now with nowhere else to turn, we must invert our gaze within to discover what is truly valuable—family, friends, love, compassion, kindness and most importantly, our spiritual relationship with the Divine.  God is leading us back to Her loving Arms.

Our uncertainty is rooted in our placing too much emphasis on external constructs and gratification that we have now discovered can be taken away in a moment’s notice.  We have hustled to achieve and acquire at the expense of going within ourselves to find our own sense of peace and in all of the hustle we have discovered that the illusion of our achievements and acquisitions were built on a foundation made of sand.  God is giving us the opportunity to change all of that.  In these times of self-quarantine, we are now able to reflect on all of the things that truly matter.  We are able to spend some time with ourselves and ask, who am I?  Who do I want to be?  What was my purpose when I chose to incarnate here on Earth?

These questions can all be answered in the space of silence.  The answers can come when we invite God back into our hearts and surrender fully to Her Will.  We will always be guided perfectly if we can only let go.  The storm will pass, and a new seedling will emerge and gloriously blossom into a better version of ourselves because we were willing to finally let go.  When we find peace in destruction, we become a living testament to how faith in God can change the world.

May you all stay blessed on our journey!

Sat Nam!