Let the Light of Love Shine

There is love all around us. There is evidence of that very love if we can only come to place of mindfulness to witness that love. Each day I am humbled when people send in pictures of their random acts of kindness and they illustrate their belief that love surrounds us always and by giving we put our faith in the Divine that through unity and harmony we shall all evolve together. Beautiful souls inspire me with their loving kindness every day. Thank you to all the lights of love that give evidence to the truth that we are all one. It only takes one [...]

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The Full Acceptance of Nature

Nature rests comfortably in complete non-judgment of all that is. The mountain never tells the rose that she isn’t good enough, nor does the rose tell the river that she is somehow incomplete. It is only us humans who categorize and marginalize other humans. Nature places no labels on anything in the Universe, she simply accepts all that is without the need to change anything or anyone. Nature is our teacher. Nature is our guide. When we look to nature we see harmony and tranquility. When we witness nature we see acceptance. The tree doesn’t judge the wind as “bad” nor does a bird curse [...]

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Traveling to Heaven

We never truly know when someone is going to waltz into our lives and make an impact that will stay with us for a very long time. I certainly didn't expect this when Joy and I landed in Philadelphia from Rome after a 10-hour flight across the pond. We landed at 3 p.m. and our connection back home to Dallas was not scheduled to take off until 9 p.m. so as we deboarded the plane as opposed to going right to the Admiral's Club to spend the next 5 or so hours killing time I suggested to Joy that we try to catch an earlier [...]

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When in Rome…

When the sun rises on Rome a new city is born. Rome leaves behind her nighttime alter ego and becomes a much different city in the daytime. The tourists come out during the day pointing their cameras at everything that resembles history and the locals try and sell them every trinket under the sun in order to make a euro. Rome welcomes everyone and knows that she will be standing long after both the tourists and even the locals are long gone. Rome is a survivor. When you have been around as long as Rome there is nothing to prove. The Coliseum stands as a [...]

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An Evening in Roma…

There is simply nothing as magical as an evening train ride through Europe. Some of the pictures on Instagram are just spectacular! I need to get more instagram followers so I can show mine off too! This was a first for Joy, she had never taken a train in Europe and as our train departed the Venice train station we were filled with excitement as we sped through the night to Rome. This trip is one that many may only do once in a lifetime so, suffice to say, it wasn't cheap. Those looking to see the world but who are struggling with funds to [...]

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The Sinking City

Venice waits for her demise like a ship whose hull has been breached and has only a few hours before it is submerged completely underwater. I didn’t really think much of this as Joy and I boarded a city bus to take us to the water taxis that awaited the arrival of a mix of tourists and locals as they prepared to join the doomed on this sinking city. Joy and I were only halfway into our bus ride when we mistakenly exited the airport bus 20 minutes early at a stop where only locals seemed to get off. We were sitting on the bus [...]

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Leave the keys on the table…

“Leave the keys on the table in the apartment.” Carlos’ instructions were clear. Both Joy and I talked about it as we were preparing to leave Barcelona to head to our next destination. Remember: Leave the keys on the dining room table. We were simply to set the keys down and then walk out the door of Carlos’ oasis in the middle of one of the most charming cities in the world, close the door and then go on our merry way leaving Barcelona behind us. Check. Got it. No need to worry, we got this; keys on the table and shut the door behind [...]

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Cheating on Paris

Have you ever fallen so head over heels in love with someone that you thought, at the time, there is no way I can ever find another person that I could love romantically like this and then to find out later in life that you indeed could and did find another that lit the flame of your heart? Or when you had your first child and then thought that there was no way you could ever love another human being with the breath and capacity that you had for your first born only to have your heart stolen away by the second born, then third, [...]

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Until Next Time, Amsterdam

We say goodbye to Amsterdam with a heart that is even lighter than when we first arrived. Amsterdam, for her rather bad girl image, actually became a beautifully quaint city whom was in reality a misunderstood good girl. It got me to thinking: how many people have I unfairly judged before truly getting to know their true light? Amsterdam has become a symbol for the moments when I lose my personal consciousness by bringing my own personal gavel of judgment upon the actions and choices of another human being. Our final day was spectacularly simply yet incredibly exciting at the same time. Joy and I [...]

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Amsterdam, A Love Story

Spring in Amsterdam brings the tulips. Big luscious tulips that illuminate the city and breathes life into a community that has just awakened from a winter soon long forgotten. This is the city that Joy and I discovered as we paraded around town on our first day after our arrival. The smell of marijuana permeated the air and as I looked around I saw a city that seemed exceptionally at peace with itself. All of the things that many of us seem to suffer from, guilt and shame, prejudice and discontent, angst and ambition—they all appeared to be noticeable absent from this fraternal twin of [...]

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