https://diabetesfrees.com/covid-dash/ The Power of Forgiveness. Ho’oponopono.  The word itself meant nothing to me until recently when I discovered that this Hawaiian practice of forgiveness.  I had never heard an uttering of this word before and knew nothing of its origins—a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  I feel blessed that this beautiful practice has been presented to me as a way to “clear” whatever shadow self that lurks deeply inside of me.  The English translation of the word ho’oponopono means “correction,” specifically correction with our own thought processes and emotions.  “Ho” means “to make” while “pono” means “right.”  What the practice offers the practitioner is freedom [...]

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12 Universal Laws

https://123servicesadom.fr/74318-chat-gratuit-en-direct-19930/ “Master the 12 Universal Laws and you will master life.” I was deep in a meditation when this was whispered to me and it intrigued me to think that life truly is this simple.  By understanding 12 important laws we have the ability to align with our destiny.  When I mentioned this a friend recently, I could tell he was not only perplexed by my statement, but I also could see that he had never even heard that there were 12 Universal Laws. As he stared back at me with a somewhat blank look in his eyes, I decided to ask him, “Are you aware [...]

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Vision of Kindness

Mariāhu 100 rencontre “When thine eye is single the whole body shall be filled with light.” The new year is upon us and with it a renewed sense of possibility.  As we close out one year and move into another, we are always afforded the opportunity to take a new path in the coming year.  Oftentimes, our goals are focused on either transforming our bodies by getting into shape or losing weight or we may set intentions for things that we can achieve professionally or getting our affairs in order.  Paying off bills, buying a new house or car may be on the year’s agenda, but very rarely [...]

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Parnas affection annonce de rencontre After a long day of shooting Yes, And Yoga, Adi and I awoke the following morning and her adventurous side started shining through.  “How about we take a trip for your birthday?” she said as the sun had barely crested over the horizon.  I was turning 51 on July 4th and Adi, ever the travel opportunist, realized that this was the perfect time to make her pitch to go explore the world. “We just finished shooting Season 2, let’s celebrate!  And, it’s your birthday,” she pleaded. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to get out of town and relax for a few days, and not [...]

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We’ll Always Have Paris

rencontre adulte 31 Prologue A Whisper in the Night (an excerpt from David Daniel's new book, We'll Always Have Paris, due out on Amazon on May 6, 2020) “You will meet a woman in Paris.” The phrase was so direct and to the point that I almost disregarded it as quickly as it entered my mind while standing alone in my kitchen. Who was this voice?  What was this voice trying to tell me?  My father had passed away only a few months earlier, and my 15-year marriage, on life-support, had unceremoniously come to an end at around the same time.  To say the least, things were unsettled.  [...]

The Stages of Spiritual Development

site de rencontre entre tatoué levelly Many of us begin our lives entrenched in a religious system that was passed down to us from our parents, whom received it from their parents, whom received from their parents and so on and so forth.  Although we may have had the best intentions to accept the teachings oftentimes, we stray from our initial foray into spirituality because it was thrust upon us from a preceding generation.  It is not uncommon that what has been passed down to us lacks the resonance that our soul required to evolve. This was most certainly the case with me.  I was raised Catholic and I abandoned my [...]

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Generate, Organize, Destroy (GOD)

As the world appears in turmoil due to the proliferation and spread of the Corona Virus I am left looking deeply to God and the Divine Purpose behind this perfectly orchestrated Creation.  In all facets of life there is birth, life and then death.  God creates and generates new life, this new life is then experienced and organized in an effort to remind us that we are One With God and then we experience the death and destruction of the lifeform.  Everything in existence is subject to this law.  Even a flower is generated through the seedling, thereby blossoming into life and eventually wilting back [...]

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The Glance of the Master

"In this time Piscean values are giving way to Aquarian values. The difference between the two is very simple. Piscean values work from the ego, creating boundaries. Aquarian values have no boundaries; they are Infinite. Aquarian consciousness takes you inside your soul, so that you can relate to the soul in all." —Yogi Bhajan As these times speed up, we are faced with a challenge for our consciousness.  Countless distractions vie for our attention and oftentimes we lose sight of that internal voice inside us that is the perfect GPS to guide us during these increasingly hectic times.  Many of us look to television, radio, [...]

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Dream Big

As 2019 winds down leading us into 2020, I write today with feelings of immense gratitude for the past year.  Dreams that I didn’t even know that I had manifested in a way that I could have never seen coming.  My beloved, Adi Bachan Kaur, and I developed and filmed the very first season of Yes, And Yoga and the show now airs on Amazon Prime Video (see the show here).  How did all of this happen?  Through the power of focused intention and the ability to release those intentions to the Universe or God and then allowing the Divine to materialize those intentions in a way [...]

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Through Gratitude We Will Change the World

As Thanksgiving approaches and another year winds to a close, I find myself incredibly contemplative, pondering all that I have been given.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in what is “wrong” with our lives that oftentimes we fail to celebrate what is incredibly “right” with our lives.  For me, there are so many things that have aligned perfectly and I understand that all of these things that are bringing me so much love and joy are also former intentions of mine that have manifested into my material world. Seven years ago, I vowed to change the my life and the way I [...]

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