ew la la dating site Poole Ways you could touch someone’s life with very little money:

  • Pick a flower for someone and give it to them.

  • Help someone carry their groceries to their car.

  • Open a door for someone.

  • Smile at someone and give them a butterfly to pass on.

  • Buy the person behind you a cup of coffee.

  • Send dessert to a nearby table in a restaurant.

  • Leave a gift card in the open where someone can see it.

  • Tape $5 to a vending machine so the next person can use it for a treat.

Become a Secret Blue Butterfly

All you have to do is download your Secret Blue Butterfly icon and then create a random act of kindness and leave your Butterfly as your secret signature.  Acts of kindness can be as little as $5 or less because the Secret Blue Butterfly can be anyone who just wants to spread joy to the world.  Remember to keep your act a secret so that the person receiving the kindness does not know where it originated.  Help pollinate the world with kindness and love.

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