Ways you could touch someone’s life with very little money:

  • Pick a flower for someone and give it to them.

  • Help someone carry their groceries to their car.

  • Open a door for someone.

  • Smile at someone and give them a butterfly to pass on.

  • Buy the person behind you a cup of coffee.

  • Send dessert to a nearby table in a restaurant.

  • Leave a gift card in the open where someone can see it.

  • Tape $5 to a vending machine so the next person can use it for a treat.


If you would like to help but don’t have the time you can always give a gift.  Secret Blue Butterfly takes your donations seriously.  Click the button below because any amount will really help.  Thank you!

Become a Secret Blue Butterfly

All you have to do is download your Secret Blue Butterfly icon and then create a random act of kindness and leave your Butterfly as your secret signature.  Acts of kindness can be as little as $5 or less because the Secret Blue Butterfly can be anyone who just wants to spread joy to the world.  Remember to keep your act a secret so that the person receiving the kindness does not know where it originated.  Help pollinate the world with kindness and love.


This has become my very favorite Secret Blue Butterfly project that is taking place in Mansfield, TX ISD.

SBB Thank You

Students at a Mansfield elementary school began writing letters to members of the United States Military who are serving overseas.  This new program is designed so that the students and the soldiers can become traditional pen pals where the children ask questions of the soldiers and the soldiers get to interact with the kids through traditional letter writing. The beautiful thing about this program is the members of the military get letters from the United States while they are serving overseas and the kids get an understanding of what these service members do for our country. The children include a letter and a Secret Blue Butterfly and the Secret Blue Butterfly is donating supplies so that the kids can send these soldiers care packages overseas.  Care packages will be going out beginning next week.

If anyone would like to participate with your own school and would like butterflies simply submit a request here on our website www.SecretBlueButterlfy.com This program will be ongoing during this school year with Mansfield ISD leading the charge to change the world with kindness and love.  Sending so much love to the great teachers and administrators at Mansfield ISD, you are paving the world for a more loving and kind tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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